Please Note the New Blog Header for 2015

Hello, and Happy New Year! Please note the new blog header for 2015 (subscribers, you'll have to click through to the actual website to see such.)

I want you to note the new header because it's the reason today is the first post of the new year.

It's the first post because I disciplined myself to design and post the new header prior to writing any new posts.

(Anyone who's thinking "well, how disciplined are you really if it took 14 full days to design and post a new header?" is clearly a cynic, and should probably work on that as a resolution.)

The picture above, while delightful, is from the reject pile.

I promise actually entertaining and/or helpful posts soon now that the header albatross is off my back. Man, I feel so much lighter! Albatrosses, particularly the digital kind, are super heavy ...


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Esqmommie said...

I really like the new header, but also like the old one - since I'm blonde and you're no longer using it, maybe you can hand it down to a little sister!? :-)

Amy Mac said...

Which one Esqmommie? I'm trying to remember a blonde header ... help?!