Autumn? I'm not sure what you mean ...

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This time of year you'll find any Southerner (and anyone without the proper drawl who lives down here and knows what's good for 'um) at a football stadium. Probably multiple times per weekend. I remember reading once that in the South we have four seasons just like anyone else, they're just slightly different than you were taught in school. South of that Mason-Dixon line we say "Spring, Summer, Football, Winter."

True to form, on this weekend's docket:

High school football game (Go Raiders! Beat Milton!), middle school football game (Go Raiders! Beat whoever we're playing!), college football (Go USAFA Falcons!) and more college football (Go Vols!).

We'll also squeeze in barbecue at my sister's, the Decatur Book Festival and fireworks at our neighborhood lake (it's an impressive show. Not quite as outstanding as Boomsday in Knoxville:
I mean, those folks use 5 tons of dynamite, but it's like the neighborhood version of that ... no bridges, and far fewer drunk undergrads.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


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