To Every Thing There is a Season

For having the fewest days, and short ones at that, February seems to me to be the longest month of the year. In general, my attitude toward winter is poor. I get cold in December and don't warm properly again until April. If we're going to get sick, it's in February when we're cooped up like chickens in a pen. Throw in a little (lots for Atlanta really) ice and snow and then an earthquake (what?) and I'm looking for spring like a kid in a smocked dress hunting up Easter eggs ... that is, with nearly maniacle abandon.

As a reminder to "habit yourself to the dazzle of the light, and of every moment of your life," (thank you, Walt Whitman) I decided taking pictures every day this month would help remind me winter does have its ways of redeeming itself. Here's what I found:

Corgis are suspicious of snow.

They smile bigger if you'll just leave them inside.

Even with the flu, energy can be summoned to play in the snow.

Green is greener against icy white lace.

Velveeta is back, and cheese dip is divine any time of the year.

Spring officially begins in four weeks and three days. Not that I'm counting... because winter can, in fact, be pretty dazzling when it wants to be.
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