Sound Bites in my World

Sound bites (in the world of public relations) are carefully crafted statements used by an authoritative source to convey a memorable piece of information to an audience.

When your kids get to the ages of my kids (one is a teen, one is almost a teen, both think they are 25), you start to realize your days are limited to impart a world of knowledge ... with the hope they will permanently weave the most important ones into the fabric of their being.

As such, I've started creating sound bites (in the world of Amy Mac.) These are life lessons I hope to impart upon my daughters, and recognizing their lack of desire to listen to verbal dissertations on my life's philosophies, I have distilled them into relatively brief notions and layered them atop a chevron pattern -- which I have recently discovered captures the attention of nearly every teen girl alive today.

Here's hoping your weekend is adversity free (but if it isn't, that you remember you are bigger than any problem that comes your way. And that cute design cures most ills.)


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