When It Comes to Genius Wedding Shower Gifts, This One Takes the Cupcake

This past weekend, my first cousin once removed (so, she's my dad's first cousin and I'm one generation removed, so first cousin once removed. Got that?) feted my niece (her first cousin twice removed) with a wedding shower. Tennessee-style. Hydrangeas, cupcakes and a scrumptious black-eye-pea dip prevailed. Also humidity, but it could have been worse (and it will be, about the time I head back that direction for our family reunion in mid-July.)

But about that gift. My sister, aka Mother of the Bride (which sounds like dyed-satin-shoes and frumpy oldness, which she is definitely not) requested each guest provide my niece with recipes -- preferably the "been in the family forever" types of recipes.

My first-cousin-once-removed not only shared her mother's Caramel Pie recipe ... she gave my niece one of Aunt Billie Dean's (best name ever, right?) very own pie plates.

Folks, if magic comes in the form of pie plates, this one will have it.

Isn't that the best gift ever?

I knew you'd agree.

I'm going to work on getting that recipe for all of us, since we've come to this consensus.


PS - For more pics from that fun shower, zip over here.

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