Smelly Plant, Smelly Plant, What Are They Feeding You?

Smelly Plant
So I decided to spiff up my office with a plant. Problem is, I am a known plant killer. It's so bad, whenever I purchase flowers or plants I think I can hear them saying "please, please .... don't take us to your house to die!" It's like a plant version of Silence of the Lambs. Which is obviously a whole other problem. Unless y'all hear plants accuse you of being a serial plant killer, too. Then I'd feel much better.

I found this plant (actually, I'd call it more of a potted shrub) and you don't have to water it. Ever. You occasionally are to spray it with a little water and that's it. I was so excited I didn't even hear this plant talking to me.

Though if it did, I wonder if it would have told me it stunk to high heaven. Because it does. It smells like a mixture of rotting dirt and hairspray and the 80s perm smell and pigs. And not just if you're right up on it ... the minute I hit the stairs to head down to the office I start gagging.

I hope this awful odor wears off. And soon. Otherwise I will take it as a sign I am not meant to overtax myself, and keeping my children and dogs alive should be my chief focus in caregiving.

I promise to be back soon with useful writing and marketing information for your business. In the meantime, I am going to spray that plant with some Trapp room spray in lieu of water. I may kill this plant yet.



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