Meeting the Governor

Gov. Haslam & Me
Remember I told y'all I'd had the honor of meeting the Governor of the Great State of Tennessee, my beloved home state? Well, here's living proof that Governor Haslam and I took a brief break from our discussions to snap a photo. Just him and me, Abe looking over our shoulders, the Tennessee state flag in the background. A beautiful moment.

Okay, fine. It's possible other people were there, too. It's possible I'm related to them. Distantly. I was definitely the key to the meeting.

Arg. Okay. Maybe, just maybe, my brother had something to do with us meeting the governor. Maybe the thought hadn't even crossed our minds meeting Gov. Haslam was a possibility, and my brother rigged that up so we'd have an extra special time in Nashville.

Also, it's possible my sisters are somewhere in the real photo too. I know one of them is wearing pants instead of jeans. This may, or may not, be the actual photo:
Gov Haslam and Fam
And, I guess if we're confessing stuff here, I'd say to my brother: mission accomplished. And not just for us meeting the Governor, but for letting us have a peek at your day, and seeing you do such important work for a place we all love ... whether we're still living there or not.

Happy Easter!

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