What's Happening in Atlanta This Weekend

What are y'all up to this weekend? Here's my (slightly ambitious) plan:

I noticed during my holiday travels how easy (and pleasant) it was to neaten the bathroom. This was (spoiler alert!) because I only travel with the necessities versus the arsenal of cosmetics, first aid implements, lotions and potions that I store in my bathroom at home. I know, seems rather intuitive. Anywho, I'm spending a little time sorting this weekend, so here's what the bath will look like after:

I'm pretty sure. This may be ambitious, too. Let a girl dream.

Since it will be 72 degrees in Atlanta tomorrow (on Jan. 12. What the?? Not complaining!) I might drag some of my people on a little hike. One of my favorite outdoor family activities in Atlanta is to visit the Falls at Roswell Mill. Here's a picture of my nephew from our last hike. I was forced to crop out a "danger" sign. Boys. If it isn't scary, it isn't fun.
Falls at Roswell Mill

I'm only on chapter 5 in this book, and already I love it. Looking forward to curling up with The Fault in our Stars this weekend.

Generally I'd avoid "children" and "cancer" for leisurely weekend reading, but I'm hearing nothing but good things about this book. I'll keep you posted.

I may drag my husband to see Silver Linings Playbook. I've already seen it, and must see it again. Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence will restore your faith in non-British actors. They are phenomenal, and both better win Oscars or I'll feel sad and will refuse to watch the Academy Awards again until 2014.
silver linings playbook

On Sunday we're celebrating my sister's birthday at our house. I'm thinking about this Chicken with Southwestern Salsa for lunch. This is a healthier choice (than, say, steak and biscuits and gravy) to balance out the distressing caloric intake of birthday cake.

Since I'm a little weary from typing this, I may have to scale back. Or procrastinate. Both viable options.

What are you up to this weekend?


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