Instagram in an Instant

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Instagram, the fun photo-sharing app you can download to your phone, recently rolled out web pages (before the rollout, you could only access Instagram photos on your phone, not on your computer.) I love Instagram for posting fun pics that I would only post on Facebook if I was trying to annoy the hell out of people. Which usually is not my goal. Sometimes, but not usually.

It's also fun to look at pics random people post. For example, I follow some Russian photographer, some guy in Portland, Oregon and also Apollo Anton Ohno. Along with both my children and a number of their school friends. Makes for a very interesting photo feed, let me say.

It's also a great way for small businesses to connect with their customers. I follow jewelry designers, chefs, clothing designers and writers who all use Instagram very creatively, not necessarily to promote their products but to create a "behind the scenes" glimpse of their process. Very fun.

Anywho, if you aren't already on Instagram, give it a whirl ... and tell ya what, follow me and I'll follow you, eh?



Fly Fish Chick said...

cute instragram pics! when my daughter finds out you have corgis she is going to move to atlanta to live with you. ever since kate and william's wedding she is obsessed with corgis!

you have a beautiful family. am following along!

Amy Mac said...

FFC, please tell your delightful daughter I will pack those corgis up and send them for an extended vacation with your family! She can pretend to be a princess while they dart around your house chasing their own shadows. Kidding, they are actually very sweet dogs and I highly recommend them to anyone, esp. families with kids. Looking forward to your fun Instagram pics! xo-a