The Apple and The Tree

fashion pencil drawing
Something I loved to do when I was a youngster was draw little fashionable figures like the ones you see above. My favorite designs were girls in giant, frilly hoop skirts with fancy hair and rosy cheeks. Maybe it was my love for Little Women, or maybe it was growing up Southern in a household with a healthy respect for Gone With the Wind, but it was all about the giant skirt and the teeny waist when I set about to draw a little something. 

Maybe it was just the excitement of creating something beautiful (in my eyes, at least) and colorful from a blank piece of paper and some colored pencils. It was a peaceful, pleasurable delight for a kid who, as the youngest by 10 years, spent lots of time entertaining herself. (Don't cue the violins just yet ... my 3 older siblings and parents did lots of fun things with me, it was just those rare moments when everyone else had cleared out and all the adults were exhausted that I missed not having a sibling my age. I remind my children of this heavy burden of my childhood every time they argue, though I play it up as much more pitiful than it actually was.)

Anywho, I had completely forgotten about how much I enjoyed this little pastime until I stumbled upon this art book and stash of pencils in the playroom ("Mom, please don't call this a playroom, it's a teen lounge") this morning. 

Her designs are much more modern than mine, but I still think it's safe to say the apple doesn't fall so far from the tree ... and sometimes apples accidentally remind trees they used to be kids, um, apples ... too. 

What if, just this weekend, we all do something we enjoyed doing when we were kids instead of doing all the things we feel we must do as grownups? 

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