Words I Live (or, My iPhone Auto-correct Epiphany)

Mark Twain once said "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

So true. It's why I keep a list of Words I Love on my iPhone. It includes words like Cornucopia and Apoplectic and Transcendent. Maybe I'll write a story about a Martha Stewart-like woman who became apoplectic when the centerpiece cornucopia on her Thanksgiving table did not transcend the fabulous sweet potato casserole of her kind but homely neighbor. Something like that.

But bless the auto-correct function on iPhone's little heart, it changed Words I Love to Words I Live.

Words I LIVE. 

Auto-correct has given me an epiphany, y'all.

If life is all about a collection of moments -- the way we handle challenges & trials, how well we appreciate the good times, the kind of people we are --- what words are you living?
What if your spouse, or your kids, or your closest friends had to give an 60-second synopsis about how you live your day-to-day existence? What words would they use?

I've come to realize it isn't how we handle the big moments (when it's easy to be happy) or the catastrophic ones (when you have the excuse for not being yourself) as much as it is how we live on the regular 'ol Wednesday, the one where we have tennis, and swim, and work, and it's raining, and someone's running a fever, the fridge is leaking, someone you love needs a favor, and a million other daily duties. The ones where you have to make a choice: how will I manage the nuances of my day today? Will I be an inspiration, a supporter, a genuine leader, a person who continues to be kind and calm under stress? Someone who thinks of how their actions and behaviors makes other people feel?

I live the words "rushed" and "exhausted" and "distracted" a little more than I'd like. I'd like to live the words "present" and "relaxed" and "fun" and "adventurous" (adventurous is a huge stretch -- let's change that to "spontaneous") during this summer. Because in the end, failing to pay attention to the regular days results in a lifetime of missed moments.

What words will you start living today?

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