Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I hope today, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, you will add these things to your list of things to do: 

Listen to the "I Have a Dream Speech."

Visit the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn. 

Read the book "Hellhound on his Trail" by Memphis native and bestselling author Hampton Sides.

Watch the award-winning movie The Help. 

This Memphis girl has done all of the above, and was reminded each time we are, at the end of the day, all just mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children. We love our babies fiercely, pray for our loved ones faithfully, crave dignity and respect and shed tears for those we've lost. We are the same. We are human beings. Nothing less, nothing more.

I think Martin Luther King Jr. would be pleased that my children cannot wrap their minds around a world where their precious friends -- their smart, beautiful, kind, loving African-American friends -- would have been treated any differently.

And for that, I am thankful.

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