What's That They Say About Karma?

One night last week I delighted myself (and many others, none of them being 12-year-olds) with a little pre-Halloween prank (which I posted on Facebook):

FB scare 2
Funny, right? This morning, as I'm walking the puppies for their daily exhausting walk, I jumped about 15 feet toward heaven because I saw this:scary spider
Not funny. Never mind that I was the person who put the spider and its web into our Japanese Maple barely 12 hours earlier. 

Now I have to get busy turning this karma thing around. So, I'm giving this cute, brand-spanking-new, never-been-used, perfect-for-fall (oh, hyphen, I have missed you so!) Amy Mac Designs purse to one of you delightful readers! fall purse giveaway

Here's the trick: you must follow my blog via Google Follower or via email subscription (not because I have a problem with you following in other feeds, but because this is the only way I can see that you are, indeed, following. I can only get so technical.) Additionally, you must leave a comment in the comments section on this post. This is my sneaky trick to get the ones of you I do know are following to come out and say hello.

Now, I am on a tight deadline to get the karma thing fixed up, so you must subscribe and comment by THIS FRIDAY, Nov. 4.

Happy November! XO - Amy Mac


Jane said...

Your trick on the 12 year olds makes me remember a Halloween when I was 12 and my friend was having a party. Her dad was an embalmer for a local funeral home... that's creepy by itself. Anyway, he took us down to the creek behind his house where he told us a spooky story. A 12 year old boy was running away from home, got lost near the creek and nobody ever saw him again. But on certain nights when the wind blows you can hear him crying for help, and if you look closely at the red bushes on the bank, they dip into the creek to help him climb out... (imagine 6 girls huddled close together hanging on every word). My friend's little brother then jumps out from behind the bushes and we all scream a blood curling scream and run into the house. Once we calmed down, we watched Carrie. You guessed it, I was scared out of my pants. I didn't sleep for a week nor did I ever go near their creek again. I love your sense of humor and sure hope this karma thing turns around soon. :)

Lori said...

That is too funny. I'll have to keep that in mind for when my girls are older. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Amy Blair said...

Well, I must admit that I'm WAY embarrassed that I'm just now reading this post, and I'm totally sad that I missed out on that purse give-away, esp. b/c I DO follow you! But that's karma for you, or at least a lesson learned. Totally cute purse, by the by; and very entertaining post, as usual!