I Have a Goal

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Hello from the land of "whatever happened to the summer vacations from when I was a kid where you took maybe one trip and were so bored the rest of the summer you were excited when school started (for like two days, then you hated school again)?"

I have been very busy running my children around town and now have an impending deadline for a column looming like a thundercloud over my head. As in, it's due Monday. And I am busy on Monday, so I need to get this done now.

So NATURALLY this means I have done a fantastic job of updating my Goodreads account. Goodreads is a website where you and your friends post books you've read along with a rating and snarky comment should you so choose. So, Goodreads: 142. Column: 0.

Also, my niece, who recently graduated from college, is interning with me this summer. I have put her in charge of building my various social media accounts. So, can y'all please help that girl build her resume by getting all your friends to follow this blog and/or sign up for an e-mail subscription?

We'd both be forever grateful.

XO - Amy Mac

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