Under Pressure

in box

It's a good thing the in-box is wood and hanging out on a sturdy desk - I'm pretty sure a topple would hit the Richter Scale.

I am definitely one of those people who works better with a little too much to do. Give me a little too much time on my hands and I'll give you a plate of warm, hand-decorated cookies and extra-clean baseboards ... but somehow miss something really important, like paying a bill or a kid with a broken toe (seriously.)

So being super-busy as of late makes me quite productive, but leads to a full in-box and a slightly neglected blog.

But I am back with good news : Shari, you won the cute office supplies from Carolina Pad! Send your contact information to amymacpr@comcast.net!

Everyone else, stay tuned .... more great giveaways coming soon!

XO - Amy Mac

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Rebecka said...

It's strange how much more I get done when I have so much more to do.