In Between Days

Class Project
Between an out-of-town trip for a volunteer position, visiting with friends from college, assisting with multiple year-end school projects (like the picture you see above), preparing for an upcoming trip to Florida for an Ironman (my husband’s, not mine), plus trying to cram in one million things to do in the last few days of school … well, let’s just say there are more to-dos than hours in the day.

Hence the “not blogging very often” situation you might have noticed here at the Amy Mac Blog. Stick around, and I promise we’ll be back in business shortly. In the meantime, a couple of notes…

First, a question I’m asked often is why I use Twitter, and if it’s an effective way to publicize a business. Stay tuned, I’m working on an article that will answer your questions. But the short answer is yes it’s effective, otherwise I assure you I’d not be cramming yet another task into my schedule. I am most definitely not one of those people wandering around looking for more things to do. And for the record, feel strongly those people should be caught in butterfly nets and held captive, as they are a danger to themselves and others. But maybe that’s just me.

Second, congrats to Mallory W. – your yummy salsa is in the mail, and will hopefully sustain your snacking needs while studying for exams!

See you soon! XO- Amy Mac

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Rebecka said...

Always so many things to do and good intentions to do them.... but so little time!