I Heart Magazines (Especially Ones With Hearts on the Cover)

This being February, the month of love and whatnot, I thought I'd confess - I love, love, love magazines. Love them. Love the waterfall of colors jumping out from each page, love the way a funky font can set the tone for a whole story, love the inspiration from well-written editorial.

That giant stack you see above? Those are just the magazines in the family room by the fireplace ... there's another stack on my bedside table, yet another in a basket in the living room, and a couple in the front seat of the car to entertain me while waiting in the carpool line.

Magazines are also a wonderful spot to get a little inspiration for stories to pitch. It's like a little focus group, free of charge, about what your target audience is reading.

What's your favorite magazine for inspiration?


Rebecka said...

OMG. You are speaking my language. I love, love, love, (BIG HEART) magazines.... on just about any topic. I will even read through catalogs.

They are truly great for inspiration too.

Lori said...

I love magazines too. I'm a PR work at home mom as well! I'm glad I found your blog. I'll read anything, but I subscribe to Mothering, Parents, some regional magazines and Shape. I always get blog/article ideas from magazines! My 3 year old is always "stealing" my magazines. She's got the bug too.