Going, Going, Gone

heart candies one
I’d like to meet the genius over at Mars, Inc., the company behind M & Ms, who came up with the idea to create holiday-themed colors on the scrumptious candies. Heart-shaped bowls of pink and red candies are an easy, inexpensive way to give a little love (so to speak) to a fun February day.

heart candies two

With St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Spring Break and Memorial Day on the horizon, start thinking of ways to incorporate the holiday angle in your business. Do you have a product that would fit nicely into an Easter basket? Perhaps you have a new line of lush, colorful beach towels that would be perfect for the beach during Spring Break. If you’re a photographer who experiences a lull during March, run a “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” special for families who book a session during the month of St. Paddy’s.

heart candies three

A holiday-themed marketing angle is a great way to boost sales. Hopefully yours has slightly more staying power than these M & Ms did at my house! XOXO – Amy Mac

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