Where's Your Home Office?

My Afternoon Office

During my office hours - when the girls are safely tucked away at school, Louis the trusty Corgi is napping, and my husband is at his office - I have a respectable office (well, a spare bedroom on the main floor set up as a respectable office) where I work.

But once I've picked the girls up from school, this little corner of the kitchen becomes my office. Sometimes it's rather tricky managing homework (when did they start doing multiplication in second grade?), laundry (who is bringing their laundry to my house - because we can NOT be doing this much damage weekly!) and other household tasks like dinner (yes, that's the edge of a slow cooker you see to the left) while finishing work projects ... but it's one way I've found to actually stay on top of my to-do list.

How do you keep projects moving ahead when you have a thousand things to do and not enough office time to get it all done?


krista said...

I want to hear some details about that mother-of-all organizers! Could you un-pack that for us efficient wanna-be's?

Amy Mac said...

Haha, you like that big 'ol planner?? Mostly just my weekly and daily to do list, and a master to do list (I seem to have ALOT to do, therefore needing multiple lists....or maybe it just takes extra effort to keep me straight-ha!)then calendar pages for multiple months. That's all, nothing too tricky:)

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Being a stay at home, homeschooling mama *is* my work...so I don't have to juggle much except my life here. I am my townships tax collector, though...but my desk is in the schoolroom. I love being organized though and I also have a planner!!! It goes everywhere with me, for the most part, and I write everything down! :)