Politics and Lifesavers

Student Council elections were held at Creek View ES this week. Only 4th and 5th graders run for student council, no little kiddies allowed.

My daughter decided that though the competition was stiff (11 well-qualified kids running – 2 open seats), and she was a little nervous about making her speech in front of her entire class, the prize was worth the fight. She and another sweet student even conducted a little political bargaining – each agreeing to vote for the other.

Here’s her speech:

I feel confident I can make it into student council. I like leading people and hope I can help the school. I remember in kindergarten looking at student council and thinking “I’d love to be them one day.” To be a good student council person you have to have confidence. I have good confidence because I feel good saying hi to old and new friends. To be able to help the school is great and exciting. I would like to be in student council, so please vote for me.

To sway any undecided voters, she brought a little treat for each voter. She’s following one of my favorite mantras - when in doubt, always bring sweets!

When the votes were counted ….

She won! She’s thrilled, and I hope she always remembers an important lesson: don’t let something scary (like a speech) intimidate you out of something you really want to do. Chances are, the bigger the mountain you climb, the greater the reward on the other side.

I hope my brother, a Tenn. State Representative, is ready to make room at the table for a new political leader in the family. Congrats, Callie Mac!

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Karin Bilderback said...

Congratulations Callie! Grant also applied, and was also daunted by what to say in his speach. I offered to get treats, but he said, "That's too obvious that I want their vote"....hindsight is 20/20...he was not voted onto the student council this year (although he is already thinking through what he'll say to his classmates!), but he has decided that a treat just might do the trick!