No News Is Good News

Today’s my first day back at my desk after a luxuriously news-free week at the beach, soaking up the rays and catching up on a few good books.

I say news-free, because here’s my typical working day: after stumbling out of bed and grabbing my first cup of coffee, I turn on the Today Show to see if Matt and Meredith are reporting any breaking news. Then I read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from front page to back (although not terribly carefully) to see what’s happening locally. Throughout the day I’ll check and other news sites, and I browse trade web sites to see what’s new.

Part of my job is to pay attention to which reporters are writing what, and to spot any trends of which my clients need to be a part. I enjoy developing interesting story angles for reporters – especially when one of my clients can play a critical role as a source.

I’ll also admit to being endlessly amused by the antics of celebrities and politicians, and most enjoy sharing various shockers with my peeps (go ahead, ask my family where they first heard about Michael Jackson!) Plus newspapers offer fabulous stories like one I recently read in the Memphis Commercial Appeal titled “Murderous Hillbillies Descend on Memphis.” Top that for an eye-catching title.

But I am not going to kid you – it was nice to take a news break last week. I didn’t see the Today Show gang once. Never read the paper. Honestly, there was one day where I wasn’t even sure what day it was. That was kind of nice.

It seems nothing terribly important happened while I was away … but it’s sort of nice to be back in the news cycle today. So you can relax folks, because if news breaks, I am back on the case. If you’ll excuse me, I am heading to the bookstore to buy the last two weeks’ issues of the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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Rebecka said...

sounds like no news was good news during a week of rest & relaxation in the sun.