MIA Amy Mac

So it’s been quite some time since I posted to the Amy Mac Blog, and for that I would like to explain. I came down with a wicked little cold that would not go away.

First, I tried ignoring it. I continued with my usual schedule: running, writing, client meetings, shuttling small children to various activities, helping with homework, volunteering, cooking dinner, and on and on.

Then, I tried cutting a few things out: I skipped a few runs, dialed back on volunteer activities, and ordered pizza and take out for several meals. The girls were forced (horrors!) to eat the lunch served in the cafeteria.

I just couldn’t shake it. It took three or four kind souls to remind me that sometimes when you’re sick, it’s best just to take to your bed and recuperate for a few days. So I did, and they were right – I got better quickly and am back in action.

The downside to this “rest up” plan is I don’t have an assistant to whom to delegate work tasks, which means I’ve spent the entire last week digging out of the proverbial hole – luckily no deadlines were missed, and I’m finally back on track and back to blogging.

As for the Amy Mac contest for a free consultation with Sutton Stracke of Bespoke Trunk, I’ve decided to extend it until the end of the month. So tell your friends, your co-workers, and your neighbors to sign up so they can get their very own Sutton-inspired wardrobe update.

As for staying healthy, I have a plan: lots of antibacterial hand sanitizer, perhaps some vitamin C, and maybe even a little extra rest. Right after I volunteer, run, attend a party in one of the girl’s classrooms, write a news release, have two client phone conferences, shuttle people to Brownies and swim, and cook dinner.

Thank goodness for weekends!

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