Limericks and Love

In general, I love my work. I love the writing, and I love my clients. All of them are fabulous (I have a very strict policy for swiftly striking the difficult to work with from my client roster. Strange how once you make that distinction, the good folks seem to find you.)
But today has been even more fun than usual, and I credit that to the fact that I got to write a limerick for a client today. No joke. I have a new client that is opening an Irish pub in the area, and they asked me to spiff up the copy on their menu. “Make it fun!” they said. “Okay-dokey!” I replied.
So you probably already know there’s a county in Ireland called Limerick. And the good folks at my local pub named one of their sandwiches after said county. The temptation was too great, so this is the copy I’m sending over today:
Limerick Monte Cristo
There once was a man from Limerick.
He could not decide on a meal to pick.
He liked turkey and ham,
And raspberry jam.
He chose Monte Cristo -that’s not a trick.

Honey baked ham, mesquite roasted turkey, Irish Farmhouse Cheeses, and raspberry preserves. Served with hand-cut potato chips.

Now, they may say “Ah, we didn’t know you’d take ‘make it fun’ quite so literally,” and strike it from the copy. I hope not, but even if they do, I got to write a limerick today for the first time since fifth grade.

I’m hungry for a sandwich now, so I’ll sign off. Are you doing something you love today?

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