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Have you ever seen a profile of someone in a magazine or on TV dishing details about what they do for a living and thought “I want that job!!”? After seeing a stay-at-home mom on the Oprah show talking about how she’d written most of the songs for Faith Hill’s album a few years back, I briefly thought I should be a country music song writer. Thankfully, that delusion quickly passed, and here I am writing this blog (and lots of other things!) instead.

When these fabulous folks are being interviewed, it always seems rather “pie in the sky” to me – in other words, instead of hearing specific steps a person should take to pursue a dreamy career, we’re told “it just fell into my lap” or left with the distinct impression they had connections that made their success happen.

This week, the Amy Mac blog is launching a new series – it’s called “Loving this Living,” and it profiles women who have jobs they love getting out of bed in the morning for– and isn’t that the whole point?

If you know someone who does something for a living that makes you say “I so wish that was my job!!” send me an email at . Following are some guidelines for submission:

1. Ladies only, please. As my school-age children will assure you, “Girls Rule, Boys Drool.” With all due respect to the men in our lives, No Boys Allowed in the Amy Mac Loving this Living series.
2. Lots of women out there are doing amazing work at phenomenal jobs…and I’m happy for ‘em. But what we’re looking for are women who have translated their passion into a way to make a living – and have done it successfully while juggling a real life (ya know - kids, dogs, husband-with-hefty-travel-schedule, volunteer work, triathlon training – okay, that’s a stretch, but you get the point)
3. Must be willing to share tips for breaking into the professional field and balancing career and life – this is key! We don’t want to hear about your fabulous life unless you’re willing to share your secrets!

In the meantime, stay tuned for the first blog entry for Loving this Living – it’s a California dream if I’ve ever seen one! AND, even more fabulous – a giveaway is coming your way!

See you back here soon! Amy Mac

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