Easy Like Sunday Morning

This morning, as I was sitting by the fire drinking my first cup of coffee, watching a favorite show on the Food Network, and looking at the latest Pottery Barn catalog, I remembered why I love weekends. No bus to catch at early o’clock, no 8 a.m. meetings, no need to make the beds quickly and settle into my office chair to dash out a few lines of copy to meet a noon deadline.

I prefer simplicity and ease, and not just in my days, but with the people with whom I socialize and work. Haven’t we all worked with or been friends with someone who tended to make things a little more difficult? Conversely, haven’t we all been around people who made things easier, who came up with solutions instead of roadblocks, and made our days a little brighter just by being there? Which do you prefer to be around most of the time?

My goal with all my clients is to make their lives easier. To help them mark one thing of their to-do lists by handing it to me - knowing I will get the job done, right, on budget and on time.
In general, I find that being easy to work with, going the extra mile, and doing it with a smile on your face keeps your best clients on your roster and helps recruit new ones.

What will you do today to make a client or customer’s life a little easier?

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