With only 8 days until Christmas, and 2008 coming to a rapid close, I’m finding that my all my deadlines are getting tighter and tighter.

Seems everyone is in wrap-up mode: getting the last of those projects wrapped up, putting the final touches on 2009 Q1 planning, slating articles for New Years fitness issues.

So here’s the real rub with being a combination stay-at-home mom/work-from-home entrepreneur. All the deadlines happen at once. With work, I’ve had every possible, conceivable deadline this week. Gotta get these things in under the ’08 budget, need to get this to the printer before the end of the week.

At home, it’s the same thing. School Christmas parties (and teacher gifts) needed today. Christmas cards need to be in the mail, now, to get to the intended recipients before Santa’s visit. Home-baked, from-scratch chocolate chip cookies? Check. Presents for grandmothers, aunts, nieces and nephews? Check. Laundry washed and ready to be packed for an upcoming trip to Tennessee? Uh-oh.

So how will I get it all done? With a creative use of office hours (I was typing away at 10 p.m. last night), a little delegating (my husband, detailed list in hand, is doing a bulk of the shopping this year), and a little extra caffeine. And maybe one or two of those cookies.

Even though this is a busy week, it’s a fun one, too. There’s nothing quite as delightful as the excitement on a kid’s face when she notices another gift under the tree with her name on it, or as fulfilling as giving a great teacher a tiny, heart-felt thank-you for helping your child navigate grade school, or the satisfaction of a client who can finally check that big project off their to-do list.

So here’s to meeting those deadlines. And to chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm.

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