Short and Sweet

My children attend school today from 7:45 a.m. until 11:05 a.m. in what is called an “Early Release Day.” The students and teachers have a compressed schedule, which means they do everything they would do in a normal school day, but in much shorter spurts of time.

My days (and the days of most women, whether or not they have a career or kids) are always compressed. These early release days remind me of when the girls were infants, and my husband and I knew we had about 7 minutes in which to consume all meals before someone needed to be fed, changed or held.

So today’s blog entry is compressed, because I have 8 million work-related things to do before the girls get home. Once they are home, I’ll switch over to mom-manager mode and start doing laundry, helping with homework, buying warmer clothing to wear to swim practice and tennis lessons (for the kids, not me) and prepping for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I would like to officially propose an Early Release Day for adults. We’d be done with work and household duties at noon, with the remainder of the afternoon open for lounging and play. For that matter, I’d like to propose Extended Sleep Days, in which we’d catch up on the sleep we’ve been missing.

Does anyone else have an idea for an official day they’d like to propose?

I’ve gotta run – there are some short and sweet children I have to get from school.

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