I'm Amy Mac, and I Approved This Message

Just when you thought people clamoring for your vote had come to an end, I am here to say …. not so much.

As you might have noticed at the top right section of my blog, the Amy Mac blog has been nominated for the Best Blog Ever. How exciting! How exhilarating! How annoying for those of you who tried to vote then gave up in a fit of frustration because of technical difficulties!

I promptly emailed the folks at the Bloggers Choice Awards and informed them my faithful followers were having trouble voting for a variety of reasons, including not letting you sign up for an account, and then not letting you vote once you did get signed up.

Here’s the direct response:

Without knowing what accounts they are trying to access, I really can’t tell you much. Please have them contact us with the email they originally used to sign up to the Blogger’s Choice Awards so we can further research – Karen Allen, director of Customer Love.

You can email Karen at Karen@bloggerschoiceawards.com if you are having trouble and I know she’ll solve the problem. And no, I did not make up her title to be funny, that really is her title.

One of my successful voters said she had to sign up for the account then log back in before she could vote, so try that trick, too.

So, please don’t give up! The current first-place blog has only 47 votes, and I know we can do way better than that. We’re smart, we’re tech savvy, and we are determined! No one can stop us now! (Are you humming “I Will Survive” in your head?)

So follow this link, and we’ll share a bottle of virtual champagne if we win!

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