Winter Wear

As is typical of Atlanta, the temperature has gone from 85 degrees to 35 degrees in the span of about three hours. The onset of chilly temperatures mandates many changes, like making sure your furnace is running, sealing up little cracks in window seals, and making sure hands and noggins big and small have mittens and warm wooly hats at the ready.

I noticed this time last year that my productivity dropped a little, and I realized it was indirectly caused by the colder temps. I was jumping up about every twelve seconds to remedy something – everything from a too-cold beverage to chapped lips. I am going to save you a bundle of time with one little tip: outfit your office for the cold weather just like you do your home. That’s right, no matter where you work, whether a cubicle or your cute, new, environmentally-friendly smart car while you make sales calls – you’ll be tons more productive if you’re comfy.

Here’s a peek at my must-haves to keep me chugging along when it comes to working when the heater’s been cranked and it’s cold outside:

A bottle of creamy lotion I can smear liberally on my hands or face. AHAs and anti-aging components optional, but preferred.

A tube of Victoria’s Secret lip gloss. I love it, and may be addicted. There, I’ve said it. Seriously, it smells great, it’s shiny and it doesn’t make you gag if you accidentally ingest it. It comes in lots of pretty colors. It is heaven in a .46 ounce tube is all I’m saying. Feel free to get your own, but my children have learned the hard way it’s a very bad thing to take my lip gloss away from my desk.

Cough drops. Strangely, a sore throat seems to crop up whenever it is time to buckle down and work, much like a first grader with a tummy ache when it’s time to go to school.

Kleenex tissues. See above.

A carafe of coffee mixed with cream and sugar to my specifications. Keeps me from running to and from the microwave. A genius invention, the Thermos carafe.

Another fun tip, from a friend who is a mom and a teacher: stick a tube of lip balm, a trial size of antibacterial hand sanitizer and lotion and a few cough drops into a pocket of every family members’ coat. A loud whistle to demand the attention of others optional but preferable. Teachers are geniuses.

Now, bundle up, stay moisturized and be careful out there!

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