Changing Seasons

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of Americans like an economic recession. No matter if you are fairly well-to-do and this recession means you are cutting back a little on Christmas and cooking dinner in instead of eating dinner out, or if the rising gas prices and cost of goods means creative bill paying and serious downsizing, you are affected.

Sustaining a business when the businesses that aren’t closing their doors are slashing their budgets is tough, but the thought of starting a business seems crazy. I can hear the hearts of women with fabulous product and business ideas, breaking just a little. “Such a great idea,” she thinks. “But there’s no way I can find customers in this economy.”

Not so fast. I am no economist (is that my Economics 101 professor’s laughter I hear?), but here’s what I know: nothing works the news media into a frenzy like painting the darkest picture possible while simultaneously working all of us into a lather with every, single possible horrible scenario for certain financial doom. I’m not saying the situation isn’t serious – that much is obvious even for those of us who only add if a calculator is available. What I am saying is “this too shall pass.”

For every season of turmoil and uncertainty, there is a sunnier day around the corner. For you genius work-at-home moms, stay-at-home moms, working women and retired women with a wonderful idea, don’t let these tough times slow your momentum. Do some research. Explore creative funding options. Find a partner. Start a brainstorming group of like-minded women. Do something, anything to keep your business idea moving forward.

Like the leaves on this gorgeous tree, things will keep changing. Make sure you’re ready for the next phase.

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